The Brighter Times is a sociable support network showcasing inspiring people and uplifting stories. All news is important, but in an increasingly unsettled time of political anxiety, global conflict and environmental destruction, it’s so essential to promote the awesome too.


The main goal is to promote and offer a refreshing perspective on life, and encourage people across the globe to encounter more positivity.

Founder of The Brighter Times.

Creates and writes absolutely everything for The Brighter Times  

Fluent in Human.

Nature lover. 

Keen creative.

Why was The Brighter Times created?

For people to acknowledge the power within themselves, in others, and to nurture a more positive mindset. It’s an opportunity to support each other, restoring faith in humanity, and more importantly in ourselves.


The Brighter Times is a platform for people to have a voice. Inspiring stories, feel good miracles, acts of human kindness, personal victories, they should be shared and celebrated!


A positive mindset comes from more than an inspirational quote. I’m a realist, life is challenging and can throw all sorts of curveballs, but when surrounded by encouragement and positivity, I feel better about life in general. Positivity is contagious - we’re all in this together.

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