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5 top tips to increase self-worth & learn how to be limitless!

Life coach, Fiona Moss

It's impossible trying to keep up sometimes isn't it? I mean ‘busy’ doesn’t even cut it! Do a quick mental check, how many things do you have on your to-do list today? Do you have enough time to do them all? Probably not. You probably don’t even have enough time to read this article... Should you want to build up your self-worth and learn to feel limitless, take a few minutes to do so though, it will be worth it! 

Now, unless you're living under a rock somewhere, we all live in an impossibly fast paced society. No wonder mental health is such a topical subject, no wonder anxiety has become such a 'buzzword', no wonder we all feel stressed. The running around, the social pressure, the need to be ‘perfect’ all the time, it inevitably starts to take its toll; maybe on your confidence, maybe on your anxiety levels, but definitely on your self-worth.

Tell me, how much of what you're doing every day is for you? How much is helping you towards your goals, towards living a life that you really want? Do you ever take five minutes to simply slow down and reflect on what an epic human you are, how much you have to offer and how actually, you are beyond capable of achieving exactly what you want!?

Well let’s change that! Below are five lifestyle habits of highly confident people who value their self worth, and have the belief to go after anything they want.

1. Slow down. 

That fast pace is doing you no good (I know, einstein right!). You know you want to feel happier and more fulfilled, well it all starts with slowing down. Rather than rushing around all the time, feeling anxious about whether you've got something done or not, worrying you didn’t do something ‘perfectly’ because you didn’t have time, slow - everything - down

'But how?' I hear you ask... I'll tell you my biggest secret to making more time to slow down. Are you ready? Say ‘No’ More. It’s that simple!

We say yes far too much! We busy ourselves by giving away our time to other people, by doing things that we don’t really want to do, that make us anxious, that don’t take us forward towards our goals, that don’t make us feel fulfilled, and ultimately kills our self-worth.

TAKE THAT TIME BACK! Slow down, use time to think, to reflect, to plan, to help you to decide what you truly want to do with your life. (Plus an added bonus - when you take back control of your time by saying no, you feel like SUCH a badass!)

2. Do more of what you love.

So you've created more time. Now what? USE IT! Do more of what you love! Do more of what lights you up, of what inspires you! Remember all those after school clubs you went to that broadened your horizon, excited you, created environments to meet new people, that’s what I am talking about!

Do more of what you love and see what that does to your confidence and your self worth!

3. Sleep, eat, move. 

Simple. But sometimes simple works best. How unhappy are you when you physically feel exhausted, unhealthy, lethargic, bloated? Get the fundamentals right, make them a priority.

Your physical state has a significant impact on your mental well-being, so pay attention to what your body needs and how this can shift on different days. Always maintain your foundation of movement, rest and nourishment. To build your self-worth, you need both your body and mind to be in excellent nick, give them both the attention they deserve.

4. Invest in yourself. 

We're always so happy to spend money on clothes, fancy dinners and holidays, but when it comes to investing in ourselves, in our education, health, goals, potential, we seem to shy away.

I had a conversation with a friend yesterday who mentioned her therapist costs £65/hour, and how expensive it is... I thought to myself, for someone to work through life’s challenges, your emotions, limiting beliefs, someone who can help you move forward with positivity, hope, optimism, to open up your mindset so you can start to achieve your goals, £65 sounds like the best investment to me!

It comes down to what you value. If you want more, if you want to build your self worth, if you value your happiness, your progression, your health, then invest in courses, go to talks, hire a personal trainer, seek out a life coach. Invest in you! Think long term happiness rather than a short term fix.

5. What is your purpose?

The big question, do you know what you want? I mean really? Not what you are told you want, or what society expects of you. If you could be doing anything, living anywhere, what would that look like?

People who know their self-worth and are confident in their ability to move forward, strive for the seemingly unattainable, have a clear focus, a set goal, and a purpose. They know exactly what they want and are formidable in getting it.

Spend time becoming clear on what your purpose is, get out of limbo land, and be formidable in living the life you want!

Start with these 5 habits and see how your self-worth blooms and propells you you on to more and more! Soon you will be limitless! 

Fiona Moss is a leading health and life coach supporting women who feel ‘stuck’ to rise up from low self esteem and overcome periods of stress and burnout. She helps them to build back up their self-worth, grow their confidence and by teaching them the importance of putting themselves first she helps them go from stuck to limitless.

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