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Live and ready for your Good Vibes Stories!

To celebrate National Positivity Day The Brighter Times website has been launched!

...Once upon a time, Lydia French (me), had a vision of a world where good news was just as important as the 'bad'.

The Brighter Times journey began with its positivity platform insta account @thebrightertimes, a feed of inspiration, motivation and anything that might help get you through the day. The goal has always been for it to be a place for people to share their feel good stories, tales of random acts of kindness, heartfelt encounters, victories, and ways in which people might be changing the world for the better.

Leading up to today I emailed my nearest and dearest to see if they had any stories to share. This is what my beautiful bestie Sophie had to say...

"My smile-making, inspiring story is that of my wonderful friend Lydia who has not only recognised that we could all do with consciously taking a moment to relish all that is great and good around us, but has also taken it upon herself to do something really beautiful and positive about it; encouraging me to think of those random acts of kindness…

The guy at the coffee shop on my way to work, who always remembers my order and only charges me for a small cappuccino but makes me a large. Or the elderly gentleman who goes out of his way to bring me a warm-from-the-oven sesame roll whenever he’s visited the bakers. This is a huge thank you to them and to you, Lydie for reminding me to take a moment, not to think of some monumental life changing moment (although they are lovely too!) but to appreciate the smaller acts of kindness that genuinely make your day!"

*Blushes, smiles inside and gives Soph a massive cyber hug*

I figured if I was going to ask the public to share their stories then I should share some things about me! As fate would have it, all-things-positive beauty brand Soap & Glory were in touch last week and asked if I fancied a cheeky Q&A session about The Brighter Times with them. Of course! Here's what I had to say...

There are so many inspiring and positive stories out there waiting to be shared, and I don't know about you but I love reading them. If you want to help beam a ray of light over a world that at times seems to have gone a little bonkers, then email

Peace & Love!


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